Architecure + Translation
Arquitectura + Traduccíon


Architecture + Translation
Arquitectura + Traduccíon



As an architect with many years’ professional experience in Venezuela and in the State of New York, I have participated in numerous types of projects, from small residential additions to multi-million-dollar public schools and universities.

I enjoy the entire process, from programming based on the client’s needs and desires, to designing, drafting, and assisting during the construction phases. I have also developed an interest in writing technical specifications and doing research and comparisons of various products, and coordinating the “Front End” with the requirements of all relevant parties: client, construction manager, architects and engineers.


Sustainable design is one of my main interests, having become one of the first LEED Accredited Professionals in 2002 (the second one in Ithaca), and helping start the Upstate New York Chapter of the USGBC and the Ithaca Green Building Alliance.

Another of my passions has been designing for the elderly and handicapped, perhaps starting with my architecture thesis, for which I designed a building for the blind.  I wanted to learn how to incorporate into my designs elements that stimulate and please all our senses, not just our sight.

After working for several firms in Venezuela and in central New York for more than 30 years, I would now like to offer my help to other architects, assisting them on an “as needed” basis, when the size of their workload prevents them from devoting the necessary time to developing specifications or performing thorough quality control reviews of their construction documents.


The following are some of the services I can offer:

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